What Is Diamond Brilliance?

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What Is Diamond Brilliance?

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones which form beneath the earth’s surface. They are extremely rare and expensive. They also happen to be the girl’s best friend! They’re beautiful, sparkly, and they last forever.

 Diamonds come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. But there is more to a diamond than just its physical appearance. Every diamond has a story to tell, and diamond brilliance can capture these stories in diamonds. 

In this blog post, we will discuss in detail what is diamond brilliance and all you need to know about brilliance in diamonds.

What Is Diamond Brilliance?

Diamond brilliance is the shine and white sparkle that diamonds give off. It can also be defined as a diamond’s “life”. The quality of brilliant depends on how well it reflects light; this, in turn, affects its appearance and price.

When mined, diamonds don’t come out looking shiny and polished. They come out rough and dull-looking. A diamond cutter will take the rough diamonds, cut them into different shapes depending on their use, and polish them until they shine bright like a star in the sky.

This process of cutting is what gives brilliance to a diamond as it makes the stone shimmer with every color imaginable when light reflects off it. Diamond brilliance is what makes them so special and unique. Every cut, every angle that the diamond goes through during polishing gives a particular effect to how light reflects off of it- this is where its true beauty lies. 

Why Does Diamond Brilliance Matter?

The beauty of a diamond is not only in its appearance but also in how it reflects light. When you are looking at buying diamonds for your special someone- whether it be an engagement ring or some other jewelry set, the first thing you will notice about them is their sparkle and shine. 

You’ll see that the color of the diamond is one of the first things you will notice. But, if a diamond doesn’t reflect light well, it won’t have many colors- no matter how beautiful or rare its shade may be! Diamond brilliance can affect the price of diamonds too because this process takes time and effort to do.

How Do You Know If Your Diamond Has Brilliance?

It’s important to understand and know what you’re looking for when it comes to diamonds. If a diamond isn’t reflecting light in the way that it should, then chances are its brilliance is lacking or not there at all! You can tell if your diamond lacks sparkle by holding them up against black paper- if they don’t reflect much light, then they don’t have much brilliance.

Does The Cut Affect Diamond Brilliance?

Yes, it does! Diamonds that are cut too deep or too shallow may not reflect light well and this will affect their brilliance. 

Diamonds with a poor cut can’t naturally achieve the highest degree of reflection and shine. They just don’t have enough depth to them- no matter how expensive they might be! This is why it is important to get your diamond cut by a professional since they know what type of cuts are best for the stone.

Diamond Brilliance Classification

There are different classifications for diamond brilliance like excellent (flawless), very good, good, fair, and poor. 


The best types of diamonds are the ones that have excellent cut effects. They show off their true beauty by having a lot of color flashes when they reflect light because they aren’t too deep or shallow to them. Diamonds with an excellent cut usually cost more than other types of diamonds because of their natural beauty. 

Very Good

Diamonds that are labeled as very good have a lot of color flashes too but it is not as abundant or vivid compared to those with an excellent cut. These types of stones still show off their true colors even without the best cuts so they are also quite expensive! 


Diamonds that are labeled as good or fair will have a few color flashes under direct light but not too many. The ones with the best cut effects just don’t show off their true colors because they’re slightly deep or shallow- this is why they look dull and lifeless when you inspect them closely. Diamonds in these classifications still show off their true colors and sparkle when in the right setting. 


A diamond with a poor cut is not that desirable because it doesn’t show off any kind of color flashes- no matter how much light hits it! These types of stones just don’t have enough depth to them so they appear dull and lifeless under direct lighting. They are also the least expensive kind of diamonds because they don’t have much value in them.

The Different Types Of Diamond Cuts And Their Brilliance 

Round Brilliant Cut

The most popular type of diamond cut is the round brilliant because it can reflect light to every angle possible! It’s also usually the first choice for engagement rings and wedding sets as well as other types of jewelry pieces like earrings or necklaces.  

Emerald Cut

Emerald cuts are also known as step cuts because it has more facets compared to other diamond shapes. They may not be the most popular choice but they can still show off their true color flashes and sparkle under direct lighting! 

Princess Cut

Princess cut diamonds usually have 58 or 62 facets which makes them perfect for those who like the round brilliant cut but want something a little different. They can also show off their true colors and refractions under direct lighting!

What To Look For In A Brilliant Diamond

Making sure you secure a brilliant diamond for your loved one is a great idea! But how do you do this when shopping for a diamond? Here are a few tips you should remember when shopping for a diamond!

Fire and Scintillation 

Diamonds that have more fire and scintillations show off their true colors under direct lighting. This means they will give off brighter flashes of color compared to stones with less sparkle.

Brightness and Clarity 

Diamonds that have more brightness or clarity will show off their true colors under direct lighting. This means they will give off brighter flashes of color compared to stones with less sparkle.


Diamonds with a higher cut grade will show off their true colors under direct lighting. This means they will give off brighter flashes of color compared to stones with less sparkle.

Where To Purchase A Brilliant Diamond?

Brilliant diamonds are usually available in most jewelry stores. You can also have your diamond custom cut for you by a professional! This is better than buying one that’s already been pre-cut because they’ll know the best way to shape it into its finest form so it shines brighter under direct lighting.

You can also get your diamond online from various sites. However, when shopping online,  you have to remember that you can’t see the diamond up close and personal so it’s best if you just ask a lot of questions before making your purchase. 

You should also check out the reviews of the site to see if they have a good track record when it comes to selling diamonds. If you find that most of their reviews are negative, then you should probably look for another place to buy your diamond from.

How To Maintain Your Diamonds Brilliance

Regularly cleaning your jewelry can help maintain its brilliance. Wiping them down with a soft cloth will remove dirt, dust, or any other residue that’s on the stone so it doesn’t get stuck in its surface which can dull its sparkle over time. 

Storing your diamond properly is also important because you want to make sure that it won’t get damaged when you’re not wearing it. Avoid storing your diamond in places where they can be exposed to moisture or chemicals because this will damage the stone over time. It’s best if you store them somewhere dry and dark so their beauty is preserved for a long time.


Diamonds are great for those who want something that sparkles and shines brighter than other types of jewelry pieces.  They can also last a lifetime because they’re so durable and sturdy! Even after years, diamonds will still look as brilliant as the day you got them which makes them perfect for any occasion or event. That’s why diamond rings are the perfect choice for weddings, engagements, or any other events where you want to make a statement about your love and commitment.

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