What Is Diamond Fire?

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
What Is Diamond Fire?

The diamond fire is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s something that every girl dreams of owning, and people who are looking to buy diamonds want to know if their purchase will come with this rare feature. The answer is yes! Diamonds can be born with a fiery appearance when they have inclusion or impurity inside it that reflects light in a way that appears like flames. 

There are many different types of inclusions in diamonds, but diamond fire is by far the most desirable trait because it’s so unique and stunning. If you’re thinking about buying a diamond ring for your loved one, then make sure you get them one with this amazing quality!

What Is Fire In A Diamond?

Diamond fire refers to the spectacular flashes of color you can see when diamonds are exposed to direct sunlight. The fire is seen as the result of natural inclusions within the diamond that scatter light, creating an effect similar to a rainbow or prism.

Diamonds with this trait are very rare and beautiful – but they’re not all created equal. A diamond should have enough visible points for each color that it will create an interesting effect.

Do All Diamonds Have Fire?

No. diamonds with this trait are very rare and can be identified when being examined in person under a microscope. Mostly all diamonds have what’s called ‘white’ or ‘light’ fire – which is just weaker contrasts of the rainbow effect compared to diamonds born with rich colors that create more vivid contrasts between the colors within it.

Does The Diamond Cut Affect Fire In Diamonds?

Yes! The cut of the diamond also affects how much and what colors you’ll see in your stone. A round brilliant cut will bring out more white fire than a princess cut or Asscher cut because those cuts have smaller facets that scatter light differently from the way it’s done on rounds.

Does The Color Of A Diamond Affect It’s Fire?

Yes! The color affects how much and what colors you’ll see in your stone. A white diamond will bring out more white fire than a brown or champagne-colored diamond because those diamonds have fewer nitrogen impurities that cause the rainbow effect. 

However, if there are enough points for each color to show, then those diamonds can bring out a high contrast effect as well.

Does The Clarity Of The Diamond Affect Fire?

Yes! The clarity of the diamond also affects how much and what colors you’ll see in your stone. Flawless diamonds will bring out more white fire than slightly included stones because their purity creates a stronger contrast between the different color points within them.

Nevertheless, if there are enough points for each color to show, then even included diamonds can bring out a strong contrast effect.

How To Determine If A Diamond Has Fire?

It’s important to always ask the jeweler you are buying your diamond from if it has fire. If they can’t tell you for sure, then take a look at the stone under magnification yourself. The most common type of inclusions that create this effect is imperfections on the point facets or needle-like feathers called ‘silk’.  If you see a sharp contrast between colors like red, green, and blue within your diamond – then it definitely has fire.

How Much Does Fire In A Diamond Affect It’s Price?

The price of diamonds with this trait can be higher than similar stones without it because they are so rare. The intensity of the color also affects how much more expensive they are – the more vivid and bright each color is, the higher their price.

Is Diamond Fire Affected By Light?

Diamond fire is not affected by the light because it’s caused by inclusions within your stone that reflect light to create this effect. It only comes out when you expose them to direct sunlight or ultraviolet lights indoors – so don’t worry about wearing your diamond in the dark!

Additionally, the fire you see in your diamond will be fairly consistent throughout its lifetime. It’s not something that comes and goes depending on the lighting conditions – so feel free to wear your ring out anytime.

Can Diamond Fire Be Enhanced?

No, because this trait is created by natural impurities within the stone itself there is no way to enhance it or change it once your diamond is created. 

Is Diamond Fire Important?

Yes! We think it’s something you should look for when buying a diamond because we believe that diamonds with color and fire are more beautiful than those without. Not only does the presence of this effect add another dimension to your stone, but it also tells us about its clarity and other characteristics which can affect how well your diamond performs over time.

Where Can You Purchase A Diamond With Fire?

In today’s market, there are a lot of options for buying diamonds that have this effect; both online and in stores. However, if you opt for online, make sure you are buying from a reputable seller with an easy-to-use interface where they provide all the information you need. 

Additionally, make sure that it is a certified diamond by one of the major grading laboratories such as the GIA – these diamonds will have accurate reports and high-quality photographs to help show off their fire. Don’t forget to check on the customer’s reviews to see what past buyers think of their service. 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Diamond With Fire

When you are purchasing diamonds with fire, make sure to consider the following factors:

Price – this gemstone is rare so it will be more expensive than some others.  Make sure that you get a good deal by comparing prices at different stores and negotiating if necessary.

Quality of Stone – while color can vary, clarity should remain consistent across stones.  Try to look for stones with a high clarity grade so you don’t lose any of the color points.

Size – this type will be smaller than average diamonds because it is rarer and requires less mass from the stone itself to create the effect.  Make sure that you have enough budget in place before buying.

Cut Style – if you are looking to buy online, make sure the cut style is detailed in the description.  The best shape for this type of diamond will be a modified brilliant or princess – these cuts both allow light to enter and exit the stone easily so you don’t lose any fire!

How To Maintain Your Diamond’s Fire

To keep your diamond fire at it’s brightest, it’s important to have an expert set it for you. This is because they can ensure that none of the prongs are covering up any of those color points – which would prevent them from reflecting light and creating this effect. 

It also helps if you choose a setting with prongs that sit higher than the stone – this will prevent them from blocking any of those color points. However, if your diamond does have a lot of fire and you want to wear it in a ring with more dainty prongs then opt for ones that are thinner so they won’t overpower your center stone.

Clean your diamond regularly to keep it looking its best. Diamonds can get a cloudy appearance when subjected to dirt and debris over time. To prevent this from happening, always clean your diamond with a soft toothbrush or cloth after wearing it – just be gentle so you don’t damage the color points.

Dust particles that settle on the stone are also important to remove because they can affect how well your diamond reflects light and create this effect.


Diamonds with fire are beautiful because they allow you to have a range of different colors in one stone. They also possess the same clarity as non-colored diamonds so it’s important that you find stones where this effect is present and not buried by other features.

Diamonds with color can be found online or at brick and mortar stores – just make sure you buy from a reputable seller and get your diamond certified so that you know it is of the highest quality.

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