What Is Platinum Patina?

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
What Is Platinum Patina?

If you are currently shopping for platinum jewelry, you might have heard the term “Platinum Patina” but are unsure on what that means. If that is the case, then you are in the right place. In this blog post we will teach all about what platinum patina is and if this will affect your jewelry buying decision.

What Is Platinum Patina?

To put it simply, platinum patina is a loss of luster on your platinum ring. This happens due to a change in the surface and texture of platinum due to regular wear over time. Many describe it as smooth or slightly frosted in appearance. But, platinum patina can vary depending on the amount of wear and tear on the jewelry.

Is Platinum Patina Bad?

Different people have individual opinions as far as the platinum patina is concerned. Some people do not like the dull appearance of the ring when it patina, this set of people often get it to re-polish when the ring becomes dull. Other people cherish it because it signifies the memories shared over time. 

In Japan, platinum patina is cherished because of the memories, it signifies growth, experience and is a symbol of the journey through life. Some people even demand their ring be coated to make it look this way. Whether platinum patina is bad or not, it is simply based on individuals.

Do All Platinum Rings Get Patina?

How soon your Platinum will platinize depends on how often you wear your jewelry and what activities you perform. You will barely see platina on your ring if you wear it very rarely. In the case of someone who wears it regularly and uses their hands often, the ring may start to patina after a fairly short period of time. 

Also, taste plays a role in your ring’s patina. As the general saying goes, one man’s food is another man’s poison. What you consider to be dull might be shiny to another person.

There are many platinum rings that do not appear dull due to patina, because the other stones and design over-shadow the shadow dullness of the ring, which may not require polishing. In order to retain the polishing for several years, you want to ensure you keep this in mind when making your choice. 

To avoid having to spend money on repolishing it. Simply by choosing a ring that has stones around it or elaborate designs, the attention of the viewer is drawn to the stone rather than the dull patina.

How Does Platinum Patina Affect Your Ring?

Platinum patina has no negative effect on your ring except that its shine and luster is much less. It becomes stronger over time depending on how often you use it, as the particles change positions. 

How Do You Get Rid Of Platinum Patina?

If you are like most people and are not a fan of the patina look, here are several ways to get rid of platinum patina and bring your ring back to as good as new. 

  • Have A professional help you polish it to regain its shine. 
  • Try using a cloth to remove the platina, even though this does not have a long-lasting effect on the ring.
  • Wash your jewelry with soap and warm water. Afterwards, use a soft brush to lightly scrub the ring, and this will help to restore the shine.
  • Polish your platinum ring at home, using a polishing kit, drill, and a soft circular foam.

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