What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

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What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

As a general rule, diamonds are very expensive, but they are worth the price. Small diamonds are sometimes more expensive than larger ones. The reason for this is their color, clarity, and cut. 

For understanding the value of diamonds, it is important to understand the different types of diamond cuts and which are the most expensive. This article will focus on the factors that determine diamond prices to help you know the most expensive ones. It will also discuss how to choose the best diamond jewelry. 

Factors Determining Diamond Prices

4 Cs of the Diamond

There are four main features to consider when determining the price of a diamond: color, carat, cut, and clarity. You can use these features to figure out the price and quality of the diamond you want to buy. Gemologists rate diamonds based on their clarity, color, and cut. Furthermore, the shape of the diamond determines the price of the diamond.

Size Of the Diamond

Surprisingly, small-sized diamonds can be more expensive than bigger diamonds. For instance, they might be lighter and clearer. Also, they might be featuring superior cuts and color, making them more attractive. Nevertheless, size is still a crucial factor.

What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Shape?

Planning is vital before buying any diamond cut. Hence, it becomes easier for you to decide the best diamond cut to purchase. For that reason, you will not incur any loss since you know the exact budget to spend on your diamond cut choice. 

For example, the round cut costs about 40% more than most other expensive diamonds. Therefore, you also have to know diverse cuts and their uniqueness to identify the most expensive ones. Here are the most popular ones:

Round Cut Diamonds 

Round Cut Diamond

The round-cut diamonds are the most expensive diamond cuts. When planning your budget, make sure that you have enough cash to complete the purchase. In any case, round-cut diamonds are colorful and attractive. 

Thus, these cuts are high in demand. Even though they are more expensive, people like purchasing them at a discount. Their increased demand is due to its clearness and attractiveness to a larger crowd.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut diamonds come in a square shape. They are the most common choices for many people. These cuts have sharp corners that give them a nice turn. In comparison to round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds feature a lower cost. Approximately 80% of the diamond stone is necessary during the cutting process. 

Oval Diamonds Cut

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval diamond cut is elongated in shape. They are durable and come with exceptional brilliance. Oval-cut diamonds also have a mix of pear-shaped and round-cutting styles. The main difference between an oval-shaped cut and a round cut is that the oval diamond cut can not reflect light. Therefore, few people prefer it. Hence, it is cost-friendly.

Besides, oval cut diamonds are generally cheaper than round cut diamonds. You can purchase more carats at the same price as the stone using the oval diamond cut ring. 

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Cut Diamond

Generally, a radiant cut diamond features a rectangle or square shape. Gemologists crop the cuts at their angles for a softer appearance. Radiant cut diamonds have about 50-70 shiny diamond surfaces that give them excellent sparkle. 

When perfectly cut, they exult high refraction and reflection. In other words, radiant-cut diamonds are the least expensive but can be more costly than emerald-cut diamonds.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion diamond cuts are round and come with large surfaces. They are also known as the pillow shape. In any case, pillow shapes are the best earrings for men. Many celebrities such as Molly Sims and Ivanka Trump have rocked these cuts.

The pillow-shaped diamond cuts usually present perfect brilliance and clearness. They are the fanciest diamond cuts available on the market. In general, cushion cut diamonds are a proportional cut and can make a lovely earring for men. They are not too attractive. Thus, they are best suitable for men.

Heart Diamonds Cut

Heart Shaped Diamond

It has a heart shape and can serve as a substitute for round-cut diamonds. The heart symbolizes love. Therefore, the heart cut shape is used majorly on engagement rings and other love jewelry. 

Most vendors will demand that you purchase more than 0.50 carat of the heart shape, a popular requirement. The heart shape has two halves proportional to each other. Thus, the heart-shaped diamond cut requires a larger carat.

Although larger carats can be very expensive, they usually make the heart-shaped curves appear more clearly. You can wear the heart-shaped diamonds as a piece of jewelry or as a pair of diamond studs.

Marquise Cut

Marquise Cut Diamond

 Vintage is an old-fashioned cut that features 58 surfaces and an oblique shape with sharp ends. It is also known as a boat-shaped diamond cut. It is elongated, making it suitable for persons with long and slender fingers.

 The marquise diamonds cut endpoints should be proportional to help them align with each other. It is cheap, and its shiny nature makes it a perfect choice. Many people choose this old-fashioned cut which trends frequently and is a popular choice among celebrities.

Are Brilliant-Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

Brilliant cut diamonds reflect white light very well. They also have 58 Facets and a shape resembling a cone with an optimum reflection of light.

However, the brilliant round cuts are very costly because of clearness since most of the raw materials are lost while cutting these surfaces. Brilliant cuts are the fanciest diamond cuts one can engage with as a buyer. Also, they are famous and a common choice for many diamond stud earring designs and jewelry.

Step by Step Guide on How to Purchase The Right Diamond For You

If you are looking to purchase the best diamond cut, this is the appropriate post for you. It will give you all the tips and guidelines which will motivate you to buy more diamond cuts of your choice. As a buyer, you ought to consider the following before making any purchase.

Plan For Your Budget

You have to stick to a budget. Planning will help you make a better decision on the type of diamond cut you wish to purchase. It will also help you sketch down your playground.

Decide On The Diamond Cut

You have to decide on the specific jewelry you want to purchase. If you want a necklace, go for higher quality diamonds than bigger ones and vice versa if you need a ring.

Lean More About Diamonds

You ought to know your color, cut, and clearness. It will help if you interact with the jeweler who will help you understand the latest cuts and why they are popular and trending. Don’t waver to ask about your best diamond cut. 

Make Sure It Looks Good On You

You have to wear your cut severally to ensure that it fits you well. Make sure that you love the design and ensure it gives you the beauty and grace you deserve. Above all, you need to test it out before swiping your credit card to purchase.

Check The Cut Before Purchasing

Most jewelers tend to make poor cuts with total defects. You ought to check the amount very well before purchasing one. Finally, consider carefully the metal used. 

It would help if you were careful with the metal encrusted on your diamond cut. In most cases, the round diamond cut looks good on a white gold setting, while the emerald diamonds are cut with yellow gold. 


The bottom line is that it is very tricky when you select the best and suitable diamond shape. You have to find the balance between the cut and price. In any case, the cut, color, and clearness are very important. 

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