What Is Yellow Gold?

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What Is Yellow Gold?

What is gold? Gold is a metal that has been in use for over 2,000 years. It was used in ancient times as ornamentation and decoration, and later became the standard measure of value for paper money. In more recent centuries it has been used to make jewelry. 

There are two types of gold: yellow gold and white gold. In this blog post, however, we will put more focus on the yellow gold and all you need to know about it. 

What Is Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold is a type of gold that has been alloyed with other metals to give it its distinctive yellow color. It is popular because it does not tarnish as quickly as white gold, which makes it more durable.

What Is Yellow Gold Made From? 

Yellow gold is made from an alloy containing silver or copper that gives it its distinctive color when mixed with other metals such as zinc or nickel. This type of gold is very durable, does not tarnish easily and is great for sensitive skin, which makes it perfect for jewelry that will be worn every day.

The History Yellow Gold

Yellow gold traces its roots back to 3000 BCE. In ancient Egypt, gold was highly valued by Kings and priests. This precious item played a big role in enhancing Egyptian mythology. Upon death, royal families were buried with jewelry and other items made of gold so that they could take them into the afterlife. 

In ancient civilizations, yellow gold was commonly used for religious objects such as bowls because it showed purity and holiness. The first emperor of China insisted on using this type of metal in his throne to show how he valued power, wealth, and prestige!

Additionally, in ancient Turkey, the people highly viewed gold to an extent of identifying them with their gods. They used this precious metal to furnish sacred places for worship. They also offered gold as gifts and offerings to appease the gods. However, not everyone owned this precious metal. Royal families and the powerful people owned most of it a symbol of wealth and status.

What Are The Characteristics Of Yellow Gold? 


As the name suggests, yellow gold is a type of gold with an alloy that gives it its yellow color. The term “yellow” refers to the bright, lustrous appearance of pure metallic gold because this metal does not naturally occur in its pure form.


The term “karat” refers to the purity of gold. However, it also describes how many parts of the pure metal are present in an alloy. For example, 24 karat is 99% pure while 18 karat is 75% pure gold and so on. 

This number represents a percentage by weight; therefore, if there are more alloys, then the value of gold will become less. The most common standard for yellow is 18 karat which means that the alloy contains 75% pure gold and 25% other metals or alloys.


It has low corrosion resistance! This is because it contains copper which makes this metal easily corroded by rust. However, with proper care, this metal will last a lifetime.


Yellow gold is highly malleable. It can be hammered thin without breaking which makes it easy to work with. This capability makes it easy to cast and mold this metal into intricate shapes.


This metal has good ductility because it can stretch into different shapes and sizes without breaking or cracking.

Tensile Strength 

This metal is strong which means that it has a high resistance to pulling forces. It does not stretch too much before breaking which makes it perfect for jewelry items such as necklaces and rings.

Is Yellow Gold Popular?

Yellow gold has been used in the jewelry industry for ages to make jewelry items such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. It can also be found in watches, eyeglass frames, or dentures. These days it has become very popular for engagement rings and wedding bands because of its unique color which makes them stand out from other metals.

Most people prefer yellow gold over white metal when it comes to these items. However, white gold is gaining popularity because it does not have the greenish tint that yellow gold has after being exposed for a long time.

Can Men Wear Yellow Gold Jewelry?

The durability and malleability of yellow gold make it perfect for almost everyone. It shows that the wearer has high status because only royalty or those with power could afford such an expensive alloy. It is highly coveted by both men and women as wedding rings but also as necklaces, cufflinks, earrings, bracelets, and more! 

How Much Does Yellow Gold Cost? 

If you’re looking to buy jewelry, then the price of yellow gold may not be as expensive compared to white or platinum but it still has its fair share in terms of costs. Since many parts make up gold such as silver and copper, this metal is more affordable than other metals that are used to make jewelry items.

Nonetheless, the price of yellow gold will vary depending on the karat grade and if it has any special elements such as diamonds or emeralds. Generally speaking, the costlier white gold is compared to its counterpart because of these expensive materials which can increase your price by more than double.

How To Wear Yellow Gold Jewelry

When wearing your yellow gold jewelry, making sure that you stand out and look stylish is key. So how do you make this happen?


Make sure that your outfit is monochromatic. This means wearing outfits with the same color all over! Try to match it perfectly so you can pull off this look easily without looking tacky or uncoordinated. White gold will not go well if paired against yellow metal because both colors are too drastically different in terms of appearance and hue.

Layer It Up!

 People don’t just wear one item when going out. They would put on a lot of accessories and jewelry items to look more stylish or dressy. This means that you need to layer your outfit with other pieces such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different metals like white gold with yellow. This will give you a more elegant look that is perfect for formal events such as weddings or dinner parties!

The Occasion

Make sure your outfit matches the occasion too. For example, wearing heavy jewelry pieces such as rings and bracelets during work would be inappropriate since it may not go well with your professional attire. You wouldn’t wear a business suit with heavy bracelets and rings as well.

How To Care For Yellow Gold Jewelry

If you’re looking to wear your jewelry, then you should take good care of them. This metal needs occasional polishing and cleaning especially if the items are exposed to water or humidity. You should also avoid wearing these pieces when doing harsh activities such as sports or swimming for long periods because they can corrode over time.

To make sure that your metal stays shiny and new-looking, you should store it in a jewelry box or pouch to protect them from scratches and other damage. You can also put these pieces near the skin such as under gloves while working for protection against sweat and oils. These metals are best kept dry because they will tarnish if exposed to moisture or humidity for too long.

Where Can I Get Yellow Gold Jewelry?

You can find yellow gold jewelry pieces in many places such as jewelers and department stores! However, if you’re looking to get the most bangs for your buck then we suggest that you search online because it is cheaper than buying physical items.

 You may also be able to save more money depending on where you buy from so make sure that you compare prices from different sites to find the best deal.

What To Consider When Purchasing Yellow Gold Jewelry


Cost is an important factor when buying jewelry and yellow gold is no different. You should be able to secure one that suits your budget by making a price comparison from different jewelers.

Karat grade

If you want something more durable then go with 14k or 18k since they’re harder compared to lower quality metals like 12k.


Think about the size of jewelry items you want to buy! For example, if you’re buying a necklace, go for something that has a medium-sized pendant. If it is too small or big, it may look strange and out of place so always measure accordingly before purchasing anything online or in person.


Know your style and personal preferences because this can help you narrow down what type of accessories to buy. You should consider the design too such as if it has a specific color or pattern.


Remember that yellow gold jewelry pieces are great for formal events, but you should still make sure to coordinate with your outfit colors. You can’t go wrong if you mix and match different metals too because this will help create a more elegant look.

Make sure to take good care of these items by storing them in jewel boxes or pouches to avoid getting them damaged. Save money by comparing prices online and finding the best deals.

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