What To Do With An Engagement Ring After A Breakup

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
What To Do With An Engagement Ring After A Breakup

The occasion of engagement is usually filled with hopes, trust, and love. After you must have found the one and you are certain you want to spend the rest of your life waking up to see the same person. 

Then everything comes crashing down, hope is lost, trust broken and the relationship heads south. Who gets to keep the engagement ring.

Breaking up is usually accomplished with heartbreaks, either from one or both parties involved. Several reasons can result in breaking an engagement which results in both partners going on a separate path. The bride often finds it difficult to part ways with the ring due to emotions. Sometimes the bride removes the ring then throws it to the giver out of anger, especially when the breakup is due to unfaithfulness on the part of the giver.

 In this article, I’ll take you through the process of what to do with an engagement ring after a breakup. 

Do You Have To Return Your Engagement After A Break Up?

According to the law of the state, several laws govern the return of engagement rings. Since an engagement ring is a gift, the law categorizes this gift into different categories. Not all states have the same law as far as engagement rings are concerned. Each state gets its law based on the category the ring is classified. This group determines the law of the state on the return of an engagement ring. These categories include

Conditional Gift

A conditional gift constitutes a gift given, that is attached to certain future expectations. This implies that the ownership of the item has not  been completely transferred until the condition is met. If the expectation or action is not fulfilled the gift is returned to the owner according to the law of the state. Most states consider an engagement ring a conditional gift and often declare the ring to the giver. The receiver of the ring may also argue that the condition necessary for the ring was the acceptance of the proposal, which has taken place. But the court does not accept this argument with the belief that the only condition necessary for the gift is marriage, which was not met.

This law holds irrespective of the cause of the breakup or who initiated the breakup. The ring goes to the giver under the court of law. 

When deciding on what to do for an engagement, ask your lawyer about  the law that governs your state on an engagement ring.

States that hold this view include:

  • Florida
  • Kansas
  • Michigan
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Wisconsin
  • Pennsylvania

As  A Gift

When an item is given as a gift, it becomes the property of the receiver. The condition for an item to considered a gift include

  • The intention of the giver to present the item as a gift
  • The action of giving the ring as a gift
  •  The receiver also collecting it as a gift

When these three conditions are met, and the engagement ring is considered as a gift, the law awards the ring to the receiver. It is also known as an unconditional gift. 

The only state that views the engagement ring as an unconditional gift is Montana.

As A Compensation

The ring can also be given as compensation in a case where the giver gives the ring to the receiver in appreciation of some benefit. Both parties must agree that the ring was as compensation. This can be seen in situations where the man compensates the woman for her support in his growth for his business. The man gives a diamond to appreciate the woman’s labor and sacrifice in a marriage for proposal. Such a ring is considered as compensation and the court awards the ring to the receiver. The ring  is given to the woman based on this condition.

Implied Conditional Gift

If the giver breaks the engagement, the ring is awarded to the receiver. If the receiver breaks the engagement the giver is awarded the ring. The giver gets to keep the ring.

An engagement ring is classified as an implied conditional gift in some states such as: 

  • California
  • Washington
  • Texas

Fault-Based Approach

Some courts rule the breakup according to the person that initiates the breakup. The court awards the ring to whoever caused the breakup of the engagement.

The fault-based approach can also be seen as a contract. Just like when a contract breaches, each party returns to its original position before the contract, which will result in the court awarding the ring to the giver.

The ring can be returned without having to appear in court when both have reached a conclusion outside the court of law.

Heirloom Engagement Ring

The engagement ring should be returned especially if it is an heirloom or if the ring has some sentimental value. 

Can The Groom Ask For The Engagement Ring?

The groom can ask for the ring back especially if it has immense value or it is heirloom. In some cases, the groom might have to file a law case to get the ring returned. This is to avoid damages, loss, or selling of the ring. You might want to consult your lawyer on the right step to follow. 

What You Should Do With Your Engagement Ring After A Break Up

After you get back the ring the following are things you could do to an engagement ring 

Sell Your Ring

The most obvious option is to sell your ring. Some stores will be willing to purchase an engagement either from a rejected proposal or a broken engagement. We suggest starting by looking at local jewelry stores in your area that purchase jewelry. Local stores will usually give a better price than stores online that purchase jewelry.

Rent Your Ring To People

You could also offer to rent your engagement ring for a day or two to people who want to be engaged for a night or few days. Some people rent such rings to weddings or for a date with an ex to instigate jealousy from the ex-partner. You can as well run a co service for the ring as a dating service if it goes along well.

Save It For A Prank

The engagement ring can also be used for pranks for your future dates. Most girls will take to their hills with such a display, if a girl just laughs at such a display, you might want to consider such a Lady.

What Will You Do With The Ring?

Engagement ring is a symbol of love and trust, when the engagement breaks, the ring becomes a symbol of regret and sadness. Even though some people might try to get rid of it either by destroying it, throwing it away or by selling it. Others keep it for future engagement especially in the case of an heirloom. Whatever you decide to do with the ring is solely your decision to make. I hope you find your true love soon. Cheers to a better and promising future.

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