What To Say When Giving A Promise Ring

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What To Say When Giving A Promise Ring

Promises are forever, and so are promise tokens. There can be many kinds of promise tokens, but mostly these are accessories like jewelry that a person can wear every day. A famous token of a promise is a promise ring. With this ring comes the responsibility to be honest and committed to your promise. Wondering what to say when giving a promise ring? Here is your complete guide to giving a promise ring to a person you value.

What Is A Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a token of honesty and commitment to staying truthful to the promise you have given to someone. It has a sentimental value and symbolizes the truthfulness of your promise. A promise ring can be given to a friend, lover, parents, and even to yourself. You can offer a promise ring to anyone you owe a promise to. It strengthens the bond of promise and commitment in a relationship and carries it towards an optimistic future.

Promise Rings are precious pieces of jewelry, not just because of their construction but because of the sentimental value they hold and the quality of a promise attributed to them. While there is no direct description of the appearance and structure of a promise ring, it symbolizes the bond of a promise. The appearance and design of a promise ring can vary based on the individual’s preference. Promise rings can look radically different, as people attribute different symbols to them. A promise ring never loses its value, regardless of how it looks or how expensive it is.

What Is The Perfect Promise Ring?

The perfect promise ring is any ring that comes from the heart with good intentions. The value of promise rings is highly dependent on the truthfulness and commitment of the person giving them. That is why all promise rings are perfect, as long as it bonds the promise tightly, and the person who gave it is wholeheartedly willing to fulfill the promise. No promise ring is better than the other, nor is there ranking among these rings. All ring designs and market value become more precious when a promise ring is given politely, and the promise is fulfilled accordingly.

What Does It Mean To Give A Promise Ring?

A promise ring can mean a lot of things to the person giving it and to the one receiving it. The three primary representations of promise rings are love, commitment, and future marriage. A promise ring can be a symbol of constant love, whether between lovers, friends, or family. It can symbolize the love that significant others give to each other. It can symbolize the love that friends give to each other and the promise of facing each journey of life together. It can also symbolize the love that family members give each other and the promise of loving unconditionally and accepting each other. 

A promise ring also means commitment and staying true to what has been said and needs to be done. It may not solely embody the fulfillment of a promise, but having a ring to remind people to be faithful and truthful to their words helps fulfill commitments. While fulfilling a commitment can be hard and challenging, a promise ring serves as a motivation and inspiration to strive and keep a commitment. A commitment needs consistency, and it can be found in having a token to remind individuals of what they ought to do.

The most common and well-known purpose of a promise ring is future marriage. Yes, engagement rings are promise rings. It is a symbol of a promise to spend your life together and fulfilling marriage and the life that comes after it. The promise ring serves as a representation of the devotion to take your partner to the altar and commit yourself to a lifetime union. In general, people give promise rings as a bond of an existing relationship. It is a physical manifestation of the visions yet to be fulfilled.

What Are Common Phrases When Giving A Promise Ring?

A promise ring becomes more special when it is given with kind and affirmative words. There can be many ways how you can give a promise ring, but one thing is for sure: you must have something good to say. You must put together your thoughts before you give a promise ring. Doing early preparation for what you have to say will help you choose the right words and give a clear and honest promise of love, truthfulness, and commitment.

Remember to always speak from your heart and have pure intentions. Here are some of the phrases you can say when giving a promise ring.

Special Promise

A promise ring may stand as a special promise, and you can use the following phrases when you give a promise ring for a special promise you want to fulfill for someone.

  • “I promise to love you always.”
  • “I promise to stay faithful to you.”
  • “I promise to be your strongest support and number one fan.”
  • “I promise always be my best self for you.”

Engagement Promise

You can consider giving a promise ring as an engagement ring if you are not yet ready to propose formally to your partner. The promise ring can serve as an assurance that at the right time, you will ask for your partner to formally marry you. Here are the phrases you can use if this is your intention.

  • “This ring symbolizes my commitment to replace this with an engagement ring in the perfect time.”
  • “Let this ring be a reminder of the bright future that we will spend together.”
  • “This ring is the reminder of our promise to stay until the day when we will unite in the church altar.”
  • “Wear thing ring to remind you of my promise to dedicate my life to the family that we will build together.”

Chastity Pact

A promise ring can be a symbol of true love and purity. You and your significant other may decide to stay pure until you get married. You can say these phrases as you give the promise ring to your significant other.

  • “This is our promise to stay pure and committed until our marriage.”
  • “With this ring comes a promise that I dedicate my body and heart only to you.”
  • “This ring symbolizes our pure and patient love.”
  • “Wear this ring to celebrate our love that will bloom in the perfect time.”

When Should You Give A Promise Ring?

You can give a promise ring on special occasions or as a surprise to the person to whom you want to give a token of truthfulness and commitment. The truth is, there is no such thing as “perfect time” if you want to give a promise ring. The time becomes perfect when you know what to say, and you say it the right way. Just make sure that the promise you will give to a person is realistic, and you will commit to fulfilling that promise. Do not give a promise if you do not have enough time to do what you ought to do.


To conclude, a promise ring is a precious ring that symbolizes love, commitment, and passion for fulfilling the words you have said to someone you cherish dearly. A promise ring only loses value when you fall short of your words and fail to fulfill what you promised. At the same time, if you are given a promise ring, take care of it and cherish the ring as it is proof of the other person’s commitment to you. A promise ring is one of the most special jewelry you can wear.

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