When Can I Change My Nose Piercing?

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When Can I Change My Nose Piercing

When you get your nose pierced at the studio, any ring that comes out of the procedure will be functional, not aesthetic. It’s metal but also big, so it won’t rub against your skin or cause an allergic reaction.

Some female piercing enthusiasts are curious about the deadline for making nose piercing adjustments. It is common knowledge that you cannot alter a piercing after it has healed completely. However, several other considerations are crucial.

No one can deny that getting a piercing in your nose is a painful operation, even though it is a minor cosmetic procedure. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know to determine if and when it is time to get a new piercing for your nose.

When To Change Nose Piercing After Being Pierced?

Before considering a change, you should wait until your nose piercing has completely healed. The typical healing time for a nose piercing is three months. Still, there are moments when you can see and feel the healing effects, and you can swap out your nose bling.

Changing your nose ring should not cause pain or itching, but you should see a piercing professional if you do. If you are still experiencing pain after a few weeks, your piercing has not fully healed.

What Will Happen If Nose Piercings Are Changed Too Early?

Avoid the temptation to experiment with different piercings before you’re ready. Wait no longer than six months. Nasal piercings are notoriously unforgiving if you want to switch out the jewelry.

You risk irritation and scarring if you switch piercings too soon after getting them. You risk getting an infection and may have trouble putting the jewelry back in its original place.

Nasal piercings are notoriously fragile and risk closing up rapidly if you remove the jewelry before they are fully healed. Infection, excessive swelling, bleeding, and redness at the piercing site might result from prematurely switching out a septum ring or a ring in the nose.

How To Know If The Nose Piercing Is Healed?

It takes four to six months for a nose ring to heal completely. After this period, your nose will be healed if you no longer experience the painful itching, swelling, or pus discharge.

Even if the external nose seems fine, the interior tissues may not have healed. Due to the possibility that the inner flesh is still tender, extra care must be taken.

However, you should make an appointment with your piercer to have them take a look and give you the all-clear.

What Are The Things To Consider When Deciding To Change Nose Piercings?

Several safety considerations should be made before deciding what to have as a new piercing. Here are a few options to consider before doing a jewelry swap:

It’s a major consideration while selecting new nose rings. Septum and nose piercings require knowledge of proper sizing, for example. The nose might sustain serious harm from jewelry that is the incorrect size.

Quality Of The New Jewelry

It is crucial to inspect the diamonds again for foreign debris and blemishes.

It’s also useful for figuring out what stones make up the jewel. Considering the delicate nature of the nasal passages, jewelry designed for the inside of the nose is a popular trend.

The rings won’t fall out of your nose because of the circular hook design of the jewelry. The nose rings won’t droop because of the hooked ends. Additionally crucial is selecting a jewel free of nickel, as this metal speeds up the reaction time between the jewel’s surface and the skin.


The piercing healing time increases with allergy severity. When the diamond causes a reaction, the piercing heals slowly.

Before deciding to use a jewel, it is crucial to learn about its material makeup. A piercing may cause a tiny bump to grow at the insertion site. Cleaning the area around the piercing with salt water helps reduce swelling.

Piercing jewelry made of materials other than stainless steel should be replaced if it is more than a few years old. Instead of risking further issues by doing the procedure yourself at home, you should consult a professional piercer.

Healing And Aftercare

A nose piercing takes roughly four to six months to heal completely. However, it differs from person to person for several reasons.

The body’s reaction to a wound is heavily influenced by the individual’s stress levels, food, and immune system. If you adhere to the maintenance schedule, your piercer gives you. You won’t have to change your nose ring as often.

Failure to adhere to prescribed treatment regimens might significantly lengthen recovery time. Please don’t put your dirty hands near the piercings because the bacteria on your fingers could potentially contaminate the piercings and trigger allergic reactions.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve kept the piercing. The jewelry should always be in place. Since the cartilage of the nose receives less blood flow, septum piercings heal more quickly than other types of nose piercings, in just 6-8 weeks.

Infections and accidental removal of the nose ring might result from not taking proper care of the piercing. Thus, you must do so.

Visit A Professional Piercer

You should seek professional assistance if you have doubts about whether your nose has fully healed. They will look at it and tell you when you can change the nose ring. If you’ve pierced your ears at a kiosk or a jewelry store, those aren’t the ideal venues to ask questions and get answers.

If you have any questions about the process of exchanging your ring, you should consult with professionals. Switching out your nose rings for the first time is not a good idea. It is highly recommended that you seek advice from an expert before attempting to replace the jewel.

Important Takeaway

You should avoid cleaning your face with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or spirits during the healing process. Cotton balls might become caught in the jewelry when drying the piercing and cause irritation if used too often. You can change your nose piercing once it is fully healed. You must be cautious and make sure to replace it with hypoallergenic ones.

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