Where To Hide The Engagement Ring Box?

by Ultimate Jewelry Guide
Where To Hide The Engagement Ring Box?

You’ve bought the ring and you’re prepared to propose. However now you need to figure out where to hide the engagement ring during the proposal. 

Do not worry, we have you covered. In this article we are going to list some of the best and most creative ways to hide the engagement ring box when you propose to the love of your life.

Where To Hide The Engagement Ring Box During The Proposal?

Your Pocket

It does not matter whether it’s your jeans or coat pocket, this is an ideal concealing spot that never goes out of style.

Additionally, we encourage you not to place your engagement ring in your pocket if it is not in its box. You lose some of the wow factor when you take a ring out of your pocket in a flash.

A Bouquet Of Flowers

Consider tying a string around the bouquet and attaching the ring box. Including a heartfelt note that speaks volumes about your commitment would be wonderful, and you could then surprise her by getting down on one knee and asking her to open the box!

A Necklace

Has anyone ever heard of the one who wore her engagement ring around her neck without realizing it for a whole year? Her sweetheart was a craftsman and made a delightful wooden accessory with a mysterious concealing spot for the ring. 

Be sure to plan how long she should wear the accessory before proposing. After all, you don’t want her to lose it as a result of accident!

A Box Of Presents

Proposing during special times of the year can have both advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that you can shock her by wrapping the ring. Adding smaller boxes into a larger box makes it more fun for her to open each one separately before discovering the jewel.

Your Dog’s Collar

A man’s (or lady’s) closest companion is their dog, so why exclude them from the proposal? You can do so many creative things with your fuzzy companion to create the greatest memory of your life. 

You can tie a delicate lace around the ring box, or if you’re feeling extra motivated, train him to walk the ring box to you when you’re kneeling! 

In Their Favorite Novel 

While not a conventional ring box, using your beloved’s favorite book to hide the engagement ring can be a wonderful surprise for them. If you want to create your own, you can remove a few pages from their favorite book, place the ring inside, and combine the book into your proposition.

In A Shell 

In case you are arranging a seashore proposal, hiding the ring in a shell is a great idea (as long as you remember which shell holds the ring). You can make this even more special by customizing a shell with her initials before the proposal.

In A Ball 

Is your partner a sports fan? As long as this is true, a secret engagement ring box inside a softball, football, or baseball will be the perfect surprise! 

Hide It In A Fortune Cookie

To consume fortune cookies, you must break them open first. Which is great if you’re planning on hiding your engagement ring in it so that the love of your life won’t swallow it.

Hide It In A Picture Frame

One more way to hide the engagement ring is to place it behind a framed picture of you and your significant other. As they check out the image as a heartfelt signal, they may notice something is not quite right. And then you pop the question!

Hide It In Something Nondescript

One of the best ways to conceal a ring is to put it in something ordinary, such as a wallet, a portfolio, or a camera pack that looks ordinary, so that your partner never notices what’s inside. Then, during the proposal, you can subtly reveal the surprise.

Your Suitcase

When you plan on proposing on vacation, make certain the ring is hidden in a place she won’t find in your bag, especially if you share one. Try moving the ring to a sock or pocket of a pair of jeans to make sure that she doesn’t accidentally find it.

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