Cathedral Setting vs. Tiffany Ring Setting

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Cathedral Setting vs. Tiffany Ring Setting

When you think of wedding rings, chances are the first two styles that come to mind are tiffany and cathedral settings. However, many people do not know what sets these two types of rings apart.

The tiffany setting has a halo around it with diamonds encircling the band while the cathedral setting is more simple with just a diamond set in gold or platinum. Let’s find out how each type of setting can be customized for your big day!

What Is A Cathedral Ring Setting?

As the name suggests, a cathedral ring setting resembles the appearance of a cathedral. It consists of two arches, which extend from the shank’s top towards the diamond stone.

The center of the two arches will contain a round, oval, or princess cut diamond. The cathedral setting style is one of the most popular engagement ring settings because it provides an ample amount of space for diamonds to sparkle freely while also allowing them to sit prominently above the band.

Why Choose A Cathedral Ring Setting?

A cathedral setting is a type of engagement ring which allows the light to bounce off your diamond and create beautiful sparkle. A traditional way to showcase a solitaire gemstone, this style has been popular for centuries. 

The setting style is classic, but with an updated look. The cathedral setting will create more visibility of your diamond which gives it a larger presence on the hand. Many people prefer the silhouette that this type creates.

Its affordable nature is another contributing factor that makes the cathedral ring setting a popular choice for many budgets. This is because of its simplicity and the fact that it only requires a small amount of metal to hold your diamond.

Another benefit of this style is its ability to fit any sized diamond without the need for a center stone. The cathedral setting can be used with more than one gemstone and will still achieve that classic look you love!

Different Types Of Cathedral Ring Settings

There are distinct types of cathedral ring settings, as we’ll see in the sections that follow:

  • Vintage Cathedral Setting – With ornate and intricate detailing, this is an antique cathedral engagement ring setting loved by many.
  • Simple Cathedral Setting –  This type of ring setting has a clean, modern design and is suitable for all types of jewelry.
  • Petite Cathedral Setting –  The petite cathedral settings feature thin bands, which are usually 1.6mm-1.8mm in width.
  • Splint Band Arches – Not all cathedral settings feature the same band and the splint band arches are a perfect example.
  • Channel Set Cathedral Settings –  This setting is more modern and features pave diamonds that are enclosed in white gold.
  • Cathedral Pave Settings –   This is the most modern setting and has a sleek, minimalistic design with one or several rows of small diamonds attached to the band.

The Pros And Cons Of A Cathedral Engagement Ring Setting

The word “cathedral” is synonymous with grandeur, and the cathedral engagement ring setting reflects this same sense of elegance. Generally featured in classic or antique-inspired jewelry designs.

This type of ring setting has a large stone positioned high above the band – an effect that creates immense visual interest. It also makes it difficult to hide any flaws in the stone, so you should only purchase a cathedral engagement ring setting when it’s made with high-quality diamonds.


  • The center stone is highlighted and accentuated
  • With minimal investment, you can add height and character to a cathedral ring setting
  • The diamond or centerpiece gemstone is well secured
  • The center stone appears larger and more prominent as a result of this setting


  • The curved features may detract from the beauty of the center stone if they are poorly designed
  • Because of the many crevices, it takes considerably longer to clean
  • The bezel setting is more streamlined than a cathedral engagement ring setting
  • If it’s highly set, the cathedral ring setting may get snagged on furniture, clothing, and other objects

What Is A Tiffany Engagement Ring Setting?

The Tiffany setting is a traditional engagement ring style that was created by Tiffany in 1886. This popular vintage-inspired design features a six-prong head with an open split shank underneath to accommodate the diamond and holds it securely for years of wear. The diamonds were typically attached on top of “pillars” or flat surfaces between each prong.

The word “tiffany” is used to refer both to the style of ring and sometimes, more specifically, also refers only to engagement rings that have diamonds on top of pillars. Tiffany settings are popular due to their classic look which makes them a timeless choice for wedding bands or anniversary gifts.

Why Choose A Tiffany Engagement Ring Setting?

Tiffany engagement ring settings are created to celebrate some of the world’s most legendary jewels. Their designs have evolved over time, but remain exquisitely detailed and full of vintage romance.

Tiffany has been creating fine jewelry for more than 100 years, setting diamonds in silver or gold to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will be treasured forever. Therefore, their engagement ring settings are made with the same commitment to excellence.

For those reasons, tiffany engagement rings are among the best options for your future bride-to-be. Their unique designs will be treasured forever and their craftsmanship is unmatched in the industry.

The Pros And Cons of Tiffany Engagement Ring Settings


  • Tiffany engagement rings are the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement
  • They feature unique design details that will be sure to catch anyone’s attention
  • Enhanced brilliance since the diamond sits on top of the band
  • It features a sleek design that appeals to many audiences
  • Because of their minimalistic designs, tiffany engagement ring settings are easy to clean


  • A tiffany prong setting is easy to break or snag on other materials
  • The more traditional tiffany settings don’t have room for diamonds to be placed along their shanks
  • They tend to be a bit pricier than other engagement ring settings

Cathedral VS Tiffany Engagement Ring Setting

It is common to get confused when looking at engagement rings because there are so many similarities in the settings. The cathedral and tiffany setting both have dome top designs that allow for the maximum amount of light to reflect off your diamond, but they aren’t exactly alike. Here’s how you can tell them apart:


 Although they are both popular and go with the traditional look, cathedral settings tend to be less expensive than tiffany settings. This is because it takes much longer for a jeweler to set diamonds in the latter type of setting which drives up the cost.


The main difference between these two types of rings has to do with their style when they are completed. A cathedral setting is created with two prongs along the sides of your diamond while a tiffany setting features six prongs across the top.


Cathedral settings are lighter than tiffany settings because they have fewer individual pieces that weigh down on your precious stone. This makes them ideal for women who want to wear their engagement ring every day, but don’t want to feel a significant amount of weight on their hands.


Another important difference between a cathedral and a tiffany setting is the shape of their shanks. A shank is the part of the ring that wraps around your finger. Cathedral settings have a wider shank compared to tiffany settings which have a thinner one.

Size of Stone

The biggest difference between the two types of ring settings is that cathedral settings are ideal for smaller diamonds, while tiffany settings can accommodate bigger ones as well.

If you want to keep your diamond at its original size, then a cathedral setting will be best because it doesn’t cover up as much of the surface area.

Which One Should You Buy? A Cathedral Or Tiffany Setting?

If you love the traditional look of a diamond ring, then either one will be perfect for your engagement. However, there are some differences that might sway you in one direction or another.

If price is a deciding factor and it’s more important to stay within budget than have a specific type of setting on your ring, then choose a cathedral setting because it’s less expensive.

If you want to make sure that your diamond is completely visible and there aren’t any corners cut when it comes to the setting, then a tiffany setting will be ideal because its unique design makes more room for the stone itself.


While cathedral and tiffany settings both have similarities to the traditional engagement ring design, they are not exactly alike. It is important to research which type you prefer before committing because your jeweler will need to know what type of setting that you would like to purchase.

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